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Venice, Italy
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5 stars Hotels in Venice

5 Hotels founded Venice
  • Hotel Luna Hotel Baglioni, Venice
Hotel Luna Hotel Baglioni
San Marco, 1243, Venice  - San Marco  - distance from Venice 0.18 Km (show the map)
If you are looking for a 5-star accommodation, a hotel that does not scrimp high quality services and comfort, the Luna Hotel Baglioni will ensure full satisfaction to your needs and an unforgettable vacation. Its charming location, the historical...
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645.15 €
  • Hotel Gritti Palace, Venice
Hotel Gritti Palace
Campo S. Maria Del Giglio, 2467, Venice  - San Marco  - distance from Venice 0.49 Km (show the map)
In a unique location by the Grand Canal, where you can admire amazing views of Campo Santa Maria del Giglio and of the nearby canal, Hotel Gritti Palace welcomes its guests in a magical atmosphere that will give you a glimpse of the XVIII century....
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860.00 €
  • Hotel Bauer Il Palazzo, Venice
Hotel Bauer Il Palazzo
San Marco, 1413/D, Venice  - San Marco  - distance from Venice 0.18 Km (show the map)
It is sophisticated and elegant, housed within an ancient structure where you can experience a magical and timeless atmosphere: 5-star Hotel Bauer Il Palazzo is within walking distance from the banks of the Grand Canal and established in...
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561.00 €
  • Hotel Bauer Palladio Hotel & Spa, Venice
Hotel Bauer Palladio Hotel & Spa
Giudecca, 33, Venice  - Giudecca  - distance from Venice 0.85 Km (show the map)
The Hotel & Spa Bauer Palladio in Venice is a luxurious 5-star hotel, an old site of a convent from the XVI century with a beautiful garden and a charming panorama of Venice. The structure is standing right in front of the bay of San Marco, in a...
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255.00 €
  • Hotel The Westin Europa & Regina, Venice
Hotel The Westin Europa & Regina
San Marco, 2159, Venice  - San Marco  - distance from Venice 0.39 Km (show the map)
Allow yourself to be charmed by the idea of spending a holiday in the heart of Venice, while staying at the Westin Europa & Regina, an elegant 5 star hotel that overlooks the edge of the Grand Canal, a few meters from Piazza San Marco, the biggest...
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520.00 €

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