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Venice, Italy
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3 stars Hotels in Venice

89 Hotels founded Venice
  • Hotel Ai Due Fanali, Venice
Hotel Ai Due Fanali
Santa Croce, 946, Venice  - Santa Croce  - distance from Venice 1.42 Km (show the map)
Located in the area of Santa Croce, a walk's distance from the Santa Lucia train station and from the parking lot of Piazzale Roma, Hotel Ai Due Fanali is a 3-star hotel made for those who travel with the whole family or couples. Hotel Ai Due...
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120.00 €
  • Hotel Helvetia, Venice
Hotel Helvetia
Gran Viale Santa Maria Elisabetta, 4, Venice  - Venice's Lido  - distance from Venice 3.20 Km (show the map)
Courtesy, professionalism and a central location near useful services, Hotel Helvetia is an elegant and comfortable 3-star hotel located on the main street in the Lido di Venezia. Its wide interiors, designed with furnitures from the '50s and...
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95.00 €
  • Hotel Carlton Capri, Venice
Hotel Carlton Capri
Santa Croce, 595, Venice  - Santa Croce  - distance from Venice 1.35 Km (show the map)
A sober and refined elegance, enriched by characteristic details in Venetian style represent the halls and rooms of Hotel Capri, one of the most famous hotels in Venice. As soon as the guests first arrive, they will be received by a courteous and...
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  • Hotel Best Western Hotel Olimpia Venezia, Venice
Hotel Best Western Hotel Olimpia Venezia
Fondamenta delle Burchielle - Santa Croce, 395, Venice  - Santa Croce  - distance from Venice 1.61 Km (show the map)
Set in the old town of Venice, a 5-minute walk from the Basilica dei Frari, the bus terminal in Piazzale Roma, the train station Santa Lucia and the Grand Canal, Hotel Best Western Olimpia is a 3-star hotel that can offer you quality services and...
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319.00 €
  • Hotel Alcyone, Venice
Hotel Alcyone
San Marco, 4712 - Calle dei Fabbri -, Venice  - San Marco  - distance from Venice 0.33 Km (show the map)
Comfortable and inexpensive rooms, within a walk's distance from the famous Piazza San Marco and the grandiose Bridge of Rialto, are just some elements of the Hotel Alcyone's package. It is a 3-star hotel, housed within an ancient building from...
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  • Hotel Antica Casa Carettoni, Venice
Hotel Antica Casa Carettoni
Lista di Spagna, 130, Venice  - Cannaregio  - distance from Venice 1.45 Km (show the map)
Having a convenient and strategic location, a few meters from Santa Lucia station and in proximity to the parking lot of Piazzale Roma and from the water bus stop, the Antica Casa Carettoni is a 3-star hotel that can offer you a discreet and...
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350.00 €
  • Hotel Piccola Fenice, Venice
Hotel Piccola Fenice
San Marco, 3614, Venice  - San Marco  - distance from Venice 0.50 Km (show the map)
Located near the La Fenice Theater in the heart of the lovely Venice, Hotel Piccola Fenice offers comfortable apartments in Venetian style and a particular accommodation that will mae your vacation an unforgettable memory. From your first arrival,...
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  • Hotel Atlanta Augustus, Venice
Hotel Atlanta Augustus
Via Lepanto, 15, Venice  - Venice's Lido  - distance from Venice 3.34 Km (show the map)
Located in the charming area of Venezia Lido, within walking distance from the water bus stop that will bring you to the center of Venice, Hotel Atlanta Augustus is a 3 star hotel, housed in a 4-storey building enriched with very prestigious and...
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90.00 €
  • Hotel Violino d'Oro, Venice
Hotel Violino d'Oro
San Marco, 2091, Venice  - San Marco  - distance from Venice 0.43 Km (show the map)
26 cozy and comfortable rooms complete the accommodation offered by Hotel Violino d'Oro, an ideal place for those in search of a holiday of art and history that this beautiful ancient city has been guarding for ages. The courtesy and...
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  • Hotel Locanda Canal, Venice
Hotel Locanda Canal
Castello, 4422/C - Fondamenta del Remedio -, Venice  - San Marco  - distance from Venice 0.27 Km (show the map)
Warm and elegant, the Locanda Canal is a 3-star hotel in Venice, which can provide its guests with high quality services that will make their stay comfortable and memorable. Housed in a prestigious XIII century building, overlooking Rio del...
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  • Hotel La Locanda di Orsaria, Venice
Hotel La Locanda di Orsaria
Cannaregio, 103 - Calle Priuli dei Cavalletti -, Venice  - Cannaregio  - distance from Venice 1.47 Km (show the map)
Its high quality amenities and services, along with the courtesy and professionalism that you will encounter make Hotel La Locanda di Orsaria a charming oasis of relaxation at excellent prices. Located in the quaint district of Cannareggio where...
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  • Hotel Best Western Ala, Venice
Hotel Best Western Ala
San Marco, 2494 - Campo Santa Maria Del Giglio -, Venice  - San Marco  - distance from Venice 0.39 Km (show the map)
Located in the charming Piazza S.Maria del Giglio, close to the bridge of the Accademia and to Piazza S.Marco, the Best Western Ala is the ideal accommodation for those who wish to have a peaceful and relaxing holiday, wrapped around the magical...
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  • Hotel Commercio & Pellegrino, Venice
Hotel Commercio & Pellegrino
Castello, 4551/A - Calle delle Rasse -, Venice  - Castello  - distance from Venice 0.26 Km (show the map)
We are pleased to welcome you to Hotel Commercio & Pellegrino, a cozy hotel in Venice, located in the heart of its historical center, just a 5-minute walk from the largest "lounge" in Europe, Piazza San Marco. The extraordinary courtesy of the...
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117.00 €
  • Hotel Dell' Opera, Venice
Hotel Dell' Opera
San Marco, 2009, Venice  - San Marco  - distance from Venice 0.42 Km (show the map)
Set in the heart of Venice, a stone's throw from the La Fenice opera house, rebuilt after the fire in 1996, Hotel Dell'Opera is an elegant and cozy 3-star hotel, within a two-minute walk from Piazza San Marco and only 10 minutes from the Rialto...
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  • Hotel Antico Panada, Venice
Hotel Antico Panada
San Marco, 646 - Calle dei Spechieri -, Venice  - San Marco  - distance from Venice 0.12 Km (show the map)
If you want to experience the charm of a holiday in Venice in one of the most elegant and coziest hotels in the city, Hotel Antico Panada has what you are looking for. Established in 1889, the hotel provides hospitality in discreet and homey...
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  • Hotel Pausania, Venice
Hotel Pausania
Dorsoduro, 2824, Venice  - Dorsoduro  - distance from Venice 1.09 Km (show the map)
Hotel Pausania in Venice welcomes you into its old building from the XIV century, an ancient home of an aristocratic Venetian family, now entirely renovated and equipped with modern amenities and services. Located in the Dorsoduro district,...
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99.00 €
  • Hotel Gardena, Venice
Hotel Gardena
Santa Croce, 239, Venice  - Santa Croce  - distance from Venice 1.42 Km (show the map)
Located near the Papadopoli gardens, only a 5-minute walk from the Santa Lucia central station, Hotel Gardenia is pleased to welcome you into its warm and comfortable facility in the heart of Venice. Its location, in the picturesque Rio dei...
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  • Hotel Abbazia, Venice
Hotel Abbazia
Cannaregio, 68 - Calle Priuli dei Cavalletti -, Venice  - Cannaregio  - distance from Venice 1.51 Km (show the map)
Established within a former convent in the heart of Venice is Hotel Abbazia, a 3-star hotel that can offer comfort and service that is superior to its category and warm atmospheres where you will find utmost relaxation, while enjoying an...
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150.00 €
  • Hotel Residenza San Maurizio, Venice
Hotel Residenza San Maurizio
Via Calle Zaguri, 2625, Venice  - San Marco  - distance from Venice 0.55 Km (show the map)
Only 5 minutes away from the famous Piazza San Marco, housed in an old palace from the XVI century and finely restored, is Residenza San Maurizio, an inexpensive and comfortable 1-star accommodation, marked by great quality at reasonable prices....
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  • Hotel Flora, Venice
Hotel Flora
San Marco, 2283/A, Venice  - San Marco  - distance from Venice 0.39 Km (show the map)
In the area around San Marco, one of the most elegant and picturesque in Venice, Hotel Flora is located, an elegant 3-star hotel that can offer its clients superior services and amenities compared to other hotels of the same category. Housed...
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173.70 €

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