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Venice, Italy
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3 stars Hotels in Venice

89 Hotels founded Venice
  • Hotel San Gallo, Venice
Hotel San Gallo
San Marco, 1093/A, Venice  - San Marco  - distance from Venice 0.13 Km (show the map)
In the heart of Venice, just 50 meters from Piazza San Marco, surrounded by the typical alleys that charm tourists with their colorful shop windows, Hotel San Gallo is located: a 3 star made for those who wish to spend a holiday in absolute peace,...
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  • Hotel Atlanta Augustus, Venice
Hotel Atlanta Augustus
Via Lepanto, 15, Venice  - Venice's Lido  - distance from Venice 3.34 Km (show the map)
Located in the charming area of Venezia Lido, within walking distance from the water bus stop that will bring you to the center of Venice, Hotel Atlanta Augustus is a 3 star hotel, housed in a 4-storey building enriched with very prestigious and...
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85.00 €
  • Hotel Villa Beatrice, Venice
Hotel Villa Beatrice
Via Dei Villini, 4, Venice  - Venice's Lido  - distance from Venice 9.67 Km (show the map)
The Villa Beatrice is a 3 star hotel located in the Alberoni del Lido di Venezia area, a great location for those who would love a beach holiday, close to monuments and tourist attractions of great interest. The heart of Venice, in fact, can be...
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105.00 €
  • Hotel Il Mercante di Venezia, Venice
Hotel Il Mercante di Venezia
Cannaregio, 379 - Calle della Misericordia -, Venice  - Cannaregio  - distance from Venice 1.51 Km (show the map)
Hotel Il Mercante di Venezia is a 3-star hotel located in the historic center of Venice, surrounded by restaurants, coffee bars and shops. The convenient proximity to Santa Lucia train station, the bus terminal, the parking lot in Piazzale Roma...
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120.00 €
  • Hotel Gardena, Venice
Hotel Gardena
Santa Croce, 239, Venice  - Santa Croce  - distance from Venice 1.42 Km (show the map)
Located near the Papadopoli gardens, only a 5-minute walk from the Santa Lucia central station, Hotel Gardenia is pleased to welcome you into its warm and comfortable facility in the heart of Venice. Its location, in the picturesque Rio dei...
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  • Hotel Antica Casa Coppo, Venice
Hotel Antica Casa Coppo
San Marco 4320, Venice  - San Marco  - distance from Venice 0.27 Km (show the map)
If you wish to spend your vacation in a place other than the usual hotel, the Antica Casa Coppo is made for you! Housed within an old building in Venetian style, former home of a wealthy merchant, Antica Casa Coppo features a unique location in...
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  • Hotel Tre Archi, Venice
Hotel Tre Archi
Cannaregio, 923, Venice  - Cannaregio  - distance from Venice 1.92 Km (show the map)
Hotel Tre Archi is a 4-star hotel located in the heart of Venice, in a typical XVIII century Venetian palace which still has the charm and a timeless atmosphere. The building, completely renovated by experienced artisans who have kept the original...
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  • Hotel Gorizia a La Valigia, Venice
Hotel Gorizia a La Valigia
San Marco, 4696/A-4697/A - Calle Fabbri -, Venice  - San Marco  - distance from Venice 0.33 Km (show the map)
Embrace the timeless romantic atmosphere of Hotel Gorizia A La Valigia, a 4-star hotel located between San Marco and the Bridge of Rialto and established in a beautiful and entirely renovated XVII century palace. Its great location in the heart of...
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125.00 €
  • Hotel San Giorgio, Venice
Hotel San Giorgio
San Marco 3781 - Rio Terà della Mandola -, Venice  - San Marco  - distance from Venice 0.37 Km (show the map)
Hotel San Giorgio is located in the heart of Venice, between Campo Sant'Angelo and Campo Manin, in the quiet area of Rio Terà della Mandola and in the same building that houses the Fortuny Museum, which formerly belonged to the Pesaro...
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  • Hotel Castello, Venice
Hotel Castello
Castello, 4365, Venice  - Castello  - distance from Venice 0.26 Km (show the map)
Sophisticated and elegant settings characterize the charming Hotel Il Castello, a 3-star hotel that proudly offers comfort and high quality services superior to ordinary hotels of the same category. Its ample and comfortable rooms, feature a...
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  • Hotel Casa Verardo Residenza d'Epoca, Venice
Hotel Casa Verardo Residenza d'Epoca
Castello, 4765, Venice  - Castello  - distance from Venice 0.36 Km (show the map)
In an old aristocratic palace from the XVI century, Hotel Casa Versardo Residenza D'Epoca is established, it is an elegant and refined structure located in the heart of Venice, only 100 meters from Piazza San Marco. The palace, entirely renovated...
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  • Hotel Santa Chiara & Residenza Parisi, Venice
Hotel Santa Chiara & Residenza Parisi
Santa Croce, 548, Venice  - Santa Croce  - distance from Venice 1.54 Km (show the map)
Hotel Santa Chiara and Residence Parisi is a cozy hotel that can offer its guests charming views of the Grand Canal and Piazzale Roma. The central location of Hotel Santa Chiara will help you reach the terminal for ferries and Santa Lucia train...
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188.00 €
  • Hotel Certosa, Venice
Hotel Certosa
Isola della Certosa -, Venice  - distance from Venice 2.72 Km (show the map)
Set in the central lagoon in Venice, Hotel Certosa is named after the same lagoon where it is located, a place of ancient history where you can spend a relaxing and comfortable vacation. Hotel Certosa, which is part of the "Polo Nautico Vento",...
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68.00 €
  • Hotel Villa Igea, Venice
Hotel Villa Igea
Castello 4684, Venice  - Castello  - distance from Venice 0.35 Km (show the map)
Located in the historical center of Venice, a few meters from Riva degli Schiavoni and only 2 bridges away from Piazza San Marco, Hotel Villa Igea is a 3-star hotel that can offer you the utmost comfort and relaxation for a truly memorable stay....
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  • Hotel Villa Edera, Venice
Hotel Villa Edera
Via Negroponte, 13, Venice  - Venice's Lido  - distance from Venice 3.28 Km (show the map)
Hotel Villa Edera is a modern 3-star superior hotel located in a quiet and charming area in the island of Lido di Venezia. Its unique position will help you quickly reach the quaint old town of Venice and to spend a holiday at the beach of the...
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74.00 €
  • Hotel Riviera, Venice
Hotel Riviera
Gran Viale, 5, Venice  - Venice's Lido  - distance from Venice 3.34 Km (show the map)
Housed in an old building in the quaint Lido di Venezia, Hotel Riviera is a 3-star hotel that can satisfy the requests of the most demanding clients, whether they are in town for work or they wish to spend a leisure holiday, alternating days at...
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70.00 €
  • Hotel Malibran, Venice
Hotel Malibran
Cannaregio, 5864, Venice  - Cannaregio  - distance from Venice 0.52 Km (show the map)
Set in the heart of the old town of Venice, in less than 5 minutes on foot from the Rialto Bridge and not too far from Piazza San Marco, Hotel Malibran is a cozy hotel by the Grand Canal, a charming location that will give your holiday a unique...
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  • Hotel Pausania, Venice
Hotel Pausania
Dorsoduro, 2824, Venice  - Dorsoduro  - distance from Venice 1.09 Km (show the map)
Hotel Pausania in Venice welcomes you into its old building from the XIV century, an ancient home of an aristocratic Venetian family, now entirely renovated and equipped with modern amenities and services. Located in the Dorsoduro district,...
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  • Hotel Belle Arti, Venice
Hotel Belle Arti
Dorsoduro, 912/A - Rio Terrà Antonio Foscarini -, Venice  - Dorsoduro  - distance from Venice 0.95 Km (show the map)
Hotel Belle Arti is a 3-star hotel located in the south of Venice, in the quiet district of Dorsoduro, close to the more tourist friendly and centralized area Piazza San Marco. Hotel Belle Arti is named after the Accademia nearby, which has made...
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80.00 €
  • Hotel Antica Locanda Sturion, Venice
Hotel Antica Locanda Sturion
San Polo - Calle del Sturion, 679, Venice  - San Polo  - distance from Venice 0.46 Km (show the map)
An elegant and comfortable choice of holiday in a facility which can satisfy all your demands, Hotel Antica Locanda Sturion is pleased to accommodate you in the heart of Venice, a few meters from the lovely Rialto Bridge in Istria stone, from the...
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