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Venice, Italy
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3 stars Hotels in Venice

89 Hotels founded Venice
  • Hotel San Moisè, Venice
Hotel San Moisè
San Marco, 2058, Venice  - San Marco  - distance from Venice 0.43 Km (show the map)
Tucked behind a secluded and quiet area of Venice, close to Piazza San Marco, Hotel San Moisè is a 3-star hotel where you will admire the charm of a canal filled with gondolas, the peace of a private courtyard and the particularity of living in a...
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179.10 €
  • Hotel Lisbona, Venice
Hotel Lisbona
San Marco, 2153, Venice  - San Marco  - distance from Venice 0.39 Km (show the map)
Only a hundred meters from Piazza San Marco, the vital heart of one of the most beautiful and charming cities in the world, stands Hotel Lisbona, a 3-star hotel housed in an old building from the XVIII century, accurately restored in accordance...
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  • Hotel Ca' D'Oro, Venice
Hotel Ca' D'Oro
Cannaregio 4604, Venice  - Cannaregio  - distance from Venice 0.80 Km (show the map)
Hotel Ca' D'Oro offers a convenient and cozy 3-star accommodation in the heart of Venice, immersed in the typical tranquility of Cannaregio district that helps to make it an oasis of relaxation and beauty. The structure of this comfortable hotel...
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190.00 €
  • Hotel Villa Delle Palme, Venice
Hotel Villa Delle Palme
Via Enrico Dandolo, 12, Venice  - Venice's Lido  - distance from Venice 3.24 Km (show the map)
Villa delle Palme is a 3-star hotel in Art Nouveau style, located in Lido di Venezia, perfect for discovering the countless historical, artistic and architectural attractions offered by the old town and to enjoy an relaxing vacation by the sea-...
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  • Hotel Locanda ai Santi Apostoli, Venice
Hotel Locanda ai Santi Apostoli
Cannaregio, 4391/A - Campo Santi Apostoli -, Venice  - Cannaregio  - distance from Venice 0.64 Km (show the map)
Friendly and comfortable, the Locanda Santi Apostoli is a 3-star hotel in the heart of Venice, within a walk's distance from the lovely Piazza San Marco, the largest elegant "lounge" in Europe. Housed within an old palace from the XIV century...
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  • Hotel Marconi, Venice
Hotel Marconi
Riva del Vin - San Polo, 729, Venice  - San Polo  - distance from Venice 0.45 Km (show the map)
Beautifully overlooking the bridge of Rialto and the Grand Canal, Hotel Marconi is a stylish 3-star hotel, an ideal hub for those who are planning to spend a vacation in discovery of endless wonders in Venice, of which: monuments and historic...
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121.50 €
  • Hotel San Giorgio, Venice
Hotel San Giorgio
San Marco 3781 - Rio Terà della Mandola -, Venice  - San Marco  - distance from Venice 0.37 Km (show the map)
Hotel San Giorgio is located in the heart of Venice, between Campo Sant'Angelo and Campo Manin, in the quiet area of Rio Terà della Mandola and in the same building that houses the Fortuny Museum, which formerly belonged to the Pesaro...
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  • Hotel Commercio & Pellegrino, Venice
Hotel Commercio & Pellegrino
Castello, 4551/A - Calle delle Rasse -, Venice  - Castello  - distance from Venice 0.26 Km (show the map)
We are pleased to welcome you to Hotel Commercio & Pellegrino, a cozy hotel in Venice, located in the heart of its historical center, just a 5-minute walk from the largest "lounge" in Europe, Piazza San Marco. The extraordinary courtesy of the...
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225.00 €
  • Hotel Villa Beatrice, Venice
Hotel Villa Beatrice
Via Dei Villini, 4, Venice  - Venice's Lido  - distance from Venice 9.67 Km (show the map)
The Villa Beatrice is a 3 star hotel located in the Alberoni del Lido di Venezia area, a great location for those who would love a beach holiday, close to monuments and tourist attractions of great interest. The heart of Venice, in fact, can be...
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70.00 €
  • Hotel Villa Edera, Venice
Hotel Villa Edera
Via Negroponte, 13, Venice  - Venice's Lido  - distance from Venice 3.28 Km (show the map)
Hotel Villa Edera is a modern 3-star superior hotel located in a quiet and charming area in the island of Lido di Venezia. Its unique position will help you quickly reach the quaint old town of Venice and to spend a holiday at the beach of the...
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94.00 €
  • Hotel Doge, Venice
Hotel Doge
Santa Croce, 1222 - Lista Vecchia dei Bari -, Venice  - Santa Croce  - distance from Venice 1.23 Km (show the map)
Hotel Doge is a 3-star hotel in Venice, managed by its family owner, standing close to Santa Lucia train station and the parking lot in Piazzale Roma. The central location enjoyed by the hotel will help you move around easily, on foot or with...
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99.00 €
  • Hotel Palazzo Vitturi, Venice
Hotel Palazzo Vitturi
Castello, 5246 - Campo Santa Maria Formosa -, Venice  - Castello  - distance from Venice 0.38 Km (show the map)
If you wish to spend an unforgettable holiday in the heart of Venice, in a cozy hotel filled with services that provide great quality at affordable prices, Hotel Vitturi is the right solution for you! Hotel Vitturi is located in the old town of...
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  • Hotel San Gallo, Venice
Hotel San Gallo
San Marco, 1093/A, Venice  - San Marco  - distance from Venice 0.13 Km (show the map)
In the heart of Venice, just 50 meters from Piazza San Marco, surrounded by the typical alleys that charm tourists with their colorful shop windows, Hotel San Gallo is located: a 3 star made for those who wish to spend a holiday in absolute peace,...
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  • Hotel Anastasia, Venice
Hotel Anastasia
San Marco, 2141, Venice  - San Marco  - distance from Venice 0.39 Km (show the map)
Only a hundred meters from Piazza San Marco, the vital heart of one of the most beautiful and charming cities in the world, stands Hotel Lisbona, a 3-star hotel housed in an old building from the XVIII century, accurately restored in accordance...
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179.00 €
  • Hotel Al Sole, Venice
Hotel Al Sole
Santa Croce, 136, Venice  - Santa Croce  - distance from Venice 1.26 Km (show the map)
Hotel Al Sole in Venice is pleased to welcome you into its elegant 3-star facility, in a noble palace which dates back to the early XV century, a feature that will surround you with a unique and timeless atmosphere. In addition to services and...
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140.00 €
  • Hotel Arlecchino, Venice
Hotel Arlecchino
Santa Croce, 390, Venice  - Santa Croce  - distance from Venice 1.60 Km (show the map)
If you wish to book a holiday in a charm hotel in the heart of Venice, Hotel Arlecchino is the right solution. Its position, a walk's distance from the bus terminal in Piazzale Roma, the marina, water bus stops and from the Santa Lucia Station,...
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  • Hotel Basilea, Venice
Hotel Basilea
S. Croce - Rio Marin, 817, Venice  - Santa Croce  - distance from Venice 1.14 Km (show the map)
Hotel Basilea is a cozy hotel in the heart of Venice, housed within an old building from the XV century, amidst quaint alleys, fields and bell towers, in a very quiet area, but strategic at the same time, as it is close to main services. The...
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  • Hotel Firenze, Venice
Hotel Firenze
San Marco, 1490, Venice  - San Marco  - distance from Venice 0.17 Km (show the map)
A cozy and elegant hotel in the heart of Venice, Hotel Firenze can satisfy the needs of every guest by offering quality service at great prices. The building that houses Hotel Firenze was erected in the XVI century and in 1853 has undergone a...
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  • Hotel Piccola Fenice, Venice
Hotel Piccola Fenice
San Marco, 3614, Venice  - San Marco  - distance from Venice 0.50 Km (show the map)
Located near the La Fenice Theater in the heart of the lovely Venice, Hotel Piccola Fenice offers comfortable apartments in Venetian style and a particular accommodation that will mae your vacation an unforgettable memory. From your first arrival,...
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  • Hotel Best Western Hotel Olimpia Venezia, Venice
Hotel Best Western Hotel Olimpia Venezia
Fondamenta delle Burchielle - Santa Croce, 395, Venice  - Santa Croce  - distance from Venice 1.61 Km (show the map)
Set in the old town of Venice, a 5-minute walk from the Basilica dei Frari, the bus terminal in Piazzale Roma, the train station Santa Lucia and the Grand Canal, Hotel Best Western Olimpia is a 3-star hotel that can offer you quality services and...
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289.00 €

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