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Venice, Italy
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Hotels in Venice

189 Hotels founded Venice
  • Hotel Bauer Il Palazzo, Venice
Hotel Bauer Il Palazzo
San Marco, 1413/D, Venice  - San Marco  - distance from Venice 0.18 Km (show the map)
It is sophisticated and elegant, housed within an ancient structure where you can experience a magical and timeless atmosphere: 5-star Hotel Bauer Il Palazzo is within walking distance from the banks of the Grand Canal and established in...
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640.00 €
  • Hotel Caprera, Venice
Hotel Caprera
Lista di Spagna - Cannaregio, 219, Venice  - Cannaregio  - distance from Venice 1.44 Km (show the map)
Simple and cozy, Hotel Caprera is a small 2-star hotel, manned with care and passion by the same family who established it in 1953 and modernized the building in 2005 with an accurate renovation. Hotel Caprera has a convenient wi-fi included in...
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69.00 €
  • Hotel Residenza San Maurizio, Venice
Hotel Residenza San Maurizio
Via Calle Zaguri, 2625, Venice  - San Marco  - distance from Venice 0.55 Km (show the map)
Only 5 minutes away from the famous Piazza San Marco, housed in an old palace from the XVI century and finely restored, is Residenza San Maurizio, an inexpensive and comfortable 1-star accommodation, marked by great quality at reasonable prices....
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90.00 €
  • Hotel Best Western Hotel Biasutti, Venice
Hotel Best Western Hotel Biasutti
Via E. Dandolo, 29, Venice  - Venice's Lido  - distance from Venice 3.40 Km (show the map)
Housed within a villa at 5 minutes on foot from the beaches of Lido di Venezia, the Best Western Hotel Biasutti is a cozy and comfortable facility where you can enjoy relaxing during a beach holiday and the unforgettable experience of visiting...
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113.05 €
  • Hotel Pantalon, Venice
Hotel Pantalon
Dorsoduro, 3941 - Crosera San Pantalon -, Venice  - Dorsoduro  - distance from Venice 0.97 Km (show the map)
In the university belt of Venice, a stone's throw from the water bus stop "S. Toma", a convenient way to get to farther tourist attractions, stands Hotel Pantalon, a cozy three-star facility with panoramic terrace, where you can enjoy charming...
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100.00 €
  • Hotel Locanda Vivaldi, Venice
Hotel Locanda Vivaldi
Castello 4150-52, Venice  - Castello  - distance from Venice 0.51 Km (show the map)
A former residence of the composer Antonio Vivaldi, now completely renovated and turned into a small charming hotel named Locanda Vivaldi. Within walking distance of the beautiful and elegant Piazza San Marco and overlooking the lagoon of Venice,...
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300.00 €
  • Hotel Cavalletto & Doge Orseolo, Venice
Hotel Cavalletto & Doge Orseolo
Piazza San Marco, 1107, Venice  - San Marco  - distance from Venice 0.04 Km (show the map)
Established in 1308, Hotel Cavalletto & Orseolo is one of the most ancient hotels in Italy, an elegant and sophisticated structure that will lead you into a blast from the past, while fully enjoying all the services and modern amenities offered by...
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153.00 €
  • Hotel Tintoretto, Venice
Hotel Tintoretto
Cannaregio, 2316 - Santa Fosca -, Venice  - Cannaregio  - distance from Venice 1.09 Km (show the map)
Surrounded by the magical atmosphere of a typical Venetian field, Hotel Tintoretto is a 3-star hotel in Venice located near the casino, a short walk's distance from the train station, the Ghetto Veneziano and the famous Rialto Bridge. The building...
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169.00 €
  • Hotel Lisbona, Venice
Hotel Lisbona
San Marco, 2153, Venice  - San Marco  - distance from Venice 0.39 Km (show the map)
Only a hundred meters from Piazza San Marco, the vital heart of one of the most beautiful and charming cities in the world, stands Hotel Lisbona, a 3-star hotel housed in an old building from the XVIII century, accurately restored in accordance...
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149.00 €
  • Hotel Caneva, Venice
Hotel Caneva
San Marco, 5515 - Corte del Drio la Fava -, Venice  - San Marco  - distance from Venice 0.40 Km (show the map)
In the heart of the historical center of one of the most beautiful and charming cities in the world, stands Hotel Caneva, a cozy 1-star hotel located a few meters from the Rialto Bridge and from the famous Piazza San Marco. The rooms at Hotel...
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100.00 €
  • Hotel Nuovo Teson, Venice
Hotel Nuovo Teson
Calle Pescaria, 3980/81, Venice  - Castello  - distance from Venice 0.73 Km (show the map)
Easily reachable from the Cruise Terminal of the Maritime Station of Venice, the only hub of all the large cruise ships, Hotel Nuovo Teson is a charming 2-star hotel located in the heart of the city, a few minutes' walk from the important...
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  • Hotel Starhotels Splendid Venice, Venice
Hotel Starhotels Splendid Venice
San Marco Mercerie, 760, Venice  - San Marco  - distance from Venice 0.19 Km (show the map)
The Starhotels Splendid Venice is an old luxury hotel that can offer the latest in hospitality in the heart of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Venice. The unique location of the Starhotels will let you live the magic of this...
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170.00 €
  • Hotel Airone, Venice
Hotel Airone
Via Santa Croce, 557, Venice  - Santa Croce  - distance from Venice 1.45 Km (show the map)
Its stands near the central station Santa Lucia, overlooking the Grand Canal, two-star Hotel Airone will welcome you into its facility to give you a comfortable and affordable holiday, in one of the historic districts of Venice. Hotel Airone...
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65.00 €
  • Hotel Monaco & Grand Canal, Venice
Hotel Monaco & Grand Canal
San Marco, 1332, Venice  - San Marco  - distance from Venice 0.17 Km (show the map)
Hotel Monaco & Grand Canal is an elegant first class hotel located 100 meters only from the lovely Piazza San Marco, overlooking the Grand Canal, one of the many canals of Venice. Giacomo Casanova has considered this building as the ideal setting...
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140.00 €
  • Hotel Al Piave, Venice
Hotel Al Piave
Ruga Giuffa, 4838, Venice  - Castello  - distance from Venice 0.37 Km (show the map)
The Hotel Al Piave is a charming hotel manned by its family owner, set in the historic center of Venice, just 5 minutes from Piazza San Marco, the largest "lounge" in Europe and not too far from Teatro Rossini, the Bridge of Rialto and the Opera...
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  • Hotel Belle Arti, Venice
Hotel Belle Arti
Dorsoduro, 912/A - Rio Terrà Antonio Foscarini -, Venice  - Dorsoduro  - distance from Venice 0.95 Km (show the map)
Hotel Belle Arti is a 3-star hotel located in the south of Venice, in the quiet district of Dorsoduro, close to the more tourist friendly and centralized area Piazza San Marco. Hotel Belle Arti is named after the Accademia nearby, which has made...
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80.00 €
  • Hotel Casanova, Venice
Hotel Casanova
San Marco, 1284 - Frezzaria -, Venice  - San Marco  - distance from Venice 0.17 Km (show the map)
A few meters from Piazza San Marco, the largest piazza in Europe, Hotel Casanova is a 3-star hotel in Venice which can offer its international clientele a unique location in the heart of the historical center and a wide range of amenities and...
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160.00 €
  • Hotel Marin, Venice
Hotel Marin
Santa Croce, 670/B, Venice  - Santa Croce  - distance from Venice 1.34 Km (show the map)
Recently renovated and located near several commercial areas and tourist attractions, Hotel marin is a small 1-star hotel manned by its family owner. Its convenient location, a few minutes from the central train station Santa Lucia and the water...
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89.00 €
  • Hotel Villa Mabapa, Venice
Hotel Villa Mabapa
Riviera San Nicolo', 16, Venice  - Venice's Lido  - distance from Venice 3.26 Km (show the map)
In the charming location of Venezia Lido, encircled by quiet gardens and multiple services, Villa Mabapa is located, a pretty and cozy 4-star hotel made for those who wish to have a relaxing holiday within a walk's distance from thousands of local...
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  • Hotel Ambassador Tre Rose, Venice
Hotel Ambassador Tre Rose
San Marco, 905 - Calle dei Fabbri -, Venice  - San Marco  - distance from Venice 0.10 Km (show the map)
The Ambassador Tre Rose is a small, comfortable and cozy hotel in the heart of Venice, near the famous Piazza San Marco and within walking distance of restaurants, coffee houses and shops, that make this location a favorite of tourists from around...
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110.50 €

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