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Rome, Italy
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Hotels in Rome

824 Hotels founded Rome
  • Hotel Bailey's, Rome
Hotel Bailey's
Via Flavia, 39, Rome  - Via Veneto  - distance from Rome 1.78 Km (show the map)
Start your day at Bailey's Hotel with a rich breakfast buffet served in the breakfast room, you'll be fully energized for a tour around the Eternal City. The hotel is housed in a prestigious late 19th century building set in the heart of Rome, in...
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  • Hotel Cinemusic, Rome
Hotel Cinemusic
Via Tuscolana, 128, Rome  - Basilica of St John Lateran  - distance from Rome 3.42 Km (show the map)
Set in a strategic area, a few meters from Re di Roma metro (line A) and near the Basilica of San Giovanni in Laterano, Hotel Cinemusic features an elegant and modern building with high quality services. Contemporary design, hospitality and...
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99.00 €
  • Hotel Orlanda, Rome
Hotel Orlanda
Via Principe Amedeo, 76, Rome  - Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore  - distance from Rome 1.53 Km (show the map)
Deciding to spend a few days in Rome, immersed in its beauty and millennial history, is a presumable choice; Hotel Orlanda will allow you to realize this holiday in a welcoming and comfortable facility which, at a good value money, will be...
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69.00 €
  • Hotel Summit Roma, Rome
Hotel Summit Roma
Via della Stazione Aurelia, 99, Rome  - Aurelio  - distance from Rome 6.99 Km (show the map)

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  • Hotel Giglio Dell'Opera, Rome
Hotel Giglio Dell'Opera
Via Principe Amedeo, 14, Rome  - Roma Termini station  - distance from Rome 1.44 Km (show the map)
Hotel Giglio dell'Opera is located in the historical and commercial heart of Rome, in Via Principe Amedeo in the city center. The facility is near the Central Station Roma Termini, the main transportation hub of the city and the airports, the...
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  • Hotel Raphael, Rome
Hotel Raphael
Largo Febo, 2, Rome  - Piazza Navona  - distance from Rome 1.00 Km (show the map)
An elegant and seductive atmosphere welcomes guests at the Hotel Raphael's entrance, an elegant 5-star lux hotel, within a walk's distance from Piazza Navona. The hotel can be confused with an art gallery for the antiques, paintings, lithographs...
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  • Hotel Sheraton Roma & Conference Center, Rome
Hotel Sheraton Roma & Conference Center
Viale del Pattinaggio, 100, Rome  - EUR  - distance from Rome 6.04 Km (show the map)
Whether you are traveling for studies or for business, or you are in Rome for a pleasant holiday, Hotel Sheraton Roma & Conference Center will offer you a memorable stay. The uniqueness of this hotel lies mainly in its location: far from the...
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150.00 €
  • Hotel Dorica, Rome
Hotel Dorica
Piazza Viminale, 14, Rome  - Roma Termini station  - distance from Rome 1.11 Km (show the map)
If you are looking for a good value for money lodging in the heart of Rome, Hotel Dorica is just right for you. It is a comfortable 3-star hotel overlooking Piazza del Viminale in the heart of Rome, not only historical, but political as well....
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94.00 €
  • Hotel Amalfi, Rome
Hotel Amalfi
Via Merulana, 278, Rome  - Roma Termini station  - distance from Rome 1.42 Km (show the map)
Hotel Amalfi is a comfortable 3-star hotel, ideal lodging for your holiday in Rome, given its location and services provided with truly competitive rates, with the typical customer care provided by small hotels. We are in the city center in Via...
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89.00 €
  • Hotel Tre Stelle, Rome
Hotel Tre Stelle
Via San Martino Della Battaglia, 11, Rome  - Roma Termini station  - distance from Rome 2.14 Km (show the map)
It is not hard to guess what qualities Hotel 3 Stelle has, what will amaze us, insted, in a pleasant way would be the quality of services offered and prices ratio which is definitely inferior to facilities of this kind. Hotel 3 Stelle is the ideal...
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  • Hotel Suisse, Rome
Hotel Suisse
Via Gregoriana, 54, Rome  - Piazza di Spagna  - distance from Rome 1.02 Km (show the map)

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80.00 €
  • Hotel Giuggioli, Rome
Hotel Giuggioli
Viale Germanico, 198, Rome  - Vatican City  - distance from Rome 2.19 Km (show the map)
Within walking distance from the Vatican and the major historical sites of Rome, Hotel Giuggioli is one of the best lodging solutions in Rome, both for business and leisure. The hotel boasts a stunning location in the heart of an area of great...
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69.00 €
  • Hotel Clarion Collection Hotel Principessa Isabella, Rome
Hotel Clarion Collection Hotel Principessa Isabella
Via Sardegna, 149/151, Rome  - Via Veneto  - distance from Rome 1.89 Km (show the map)

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105.60 €
  • Hotel Morgana, Rome
Hotel Morgana
Via Filippo Turati, 33/37, Rome  - University of Rome La Sapienza  - distance from Rome 1.66 Km (show the map)
Hotel Morgana is an outstanding 4-star hotel which has been renovated recently, set in the heart of the eternal city; close to the Termini station and located in an area that's well-covered by pubblic transport, it's not far from major tourist...
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  • Hotel Montecarlo, Rome
Hotel Montecarlo
Via Palestro, 17/A, Rome  - Roma Termini station  - distance from Rome 2.05 Km (show the map)
Welcome to Hotel Montecarlo, a cozy 3-star hotel located in Repubblica, a quiet and elegant area in the historic center of Rome within walking distance of major consulates and embassies. Nestled in an area full of clubs, inns and restaurants, you...
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77.28 €
  • Hotel Ergife Palace, Rome
Hotel Ergife Palace
Via Aurelia, 619, Rome  - Aurelio  - distance from Rome 5.38 Km (show the map)

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135.00 €
  • Hotel Capri, Rome
Hotel Capri
Via Magenta, 13, Rome  - Roma Termini station  - distance from Rome 1.88 Km (show the map)

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50.00 €
  • Hotel B&B Hotel Roma Trastevere, Rome
Hotel B&B Hotel Roma Trastevere
Viale di Trastevere, 249/D, Rome  - Gianicolense  - distance from Rome 2.62 Km (show the map)

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85.00 €
  • Hotel Best Roma, Rome
Hotel Best Roma
Via Di Porta Maggiore, 51, Rome  - San Giovanni Addolorata Hospital  - distance from Rome 2.45 Km (show the map)
Getting to the most interesting tourist attractions of Rome will be a breeze if you decide to stay at Hotel Best Roma, a 3-star hotel located in the heart of the city, near Porta Maggiore, in a quiet area between the Coliseum and the churches San...
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  • Hotel Franklin Feel the Sound, Rome
Hotel Franklin Feel the Sound
Via Rodi, 29, Rome  - Basilica of Saint Peter  - distance from Rome 3.07 Km (show the map)

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147.60 €

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