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Rome, Italy
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Hotels in Rome

824 Hotels founded Rome
  • Hotel Cassia, Rome
Hotel Cassia
Via Cassia, 1736, Rome  - Stadio Olimpico  - distance from Rome 15.28 Km (show the map)
Hotel Cassia is in northern Rome and it is the best choice for visitors of the Eternal City seeking a quiet and relaxing location, leaving the busy downtown behind, but still able to conveniently reach major tourist attractions. This pleasant...
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45.00 €
  • Hotel Express By Holiday Inn Rome East, Rome
Hotel Express By Holiday Inn Rome East
Via Giorgio Perlasca, 50, Rome  - Roma Tiburtina station  - distance from Rome 7.61 Km (show the map)

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  • Hotel Excel Navona, Rome
Hotel Excel Navona
Via Dell'Orso, 38/39, Rome  - Piazza Navona  - distance from Rome 0.99 Km (show the map)

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  • Hotel Romae, Rome
Hotel Romae
Via Palestro, 49, Rome  - Roma Termini station  - distance from Rome 2.09 Km (show the map)

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  • Hotel OP, Rome
Hotel OP
Viale Oceano Pacifico, 165, Rome  - EUR  - distance from Rome 8.30 Km (show the map)

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79.00 €
  • Hotel Adventure, Rome
Hotel Adventure
Via Palestro, 88, Rome  - Roma Termini station  - distance from Rome 2.18 Km (show the map)

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  • Hotel Royal Court, Rome
Hotel Royal Court
Via Marghera, 51, Rome  - Roma Termini station  - distance from Rome 2.10 Km (show the map)
Hotel Royal Court is a 4 star, recently renovated hotel, set in an area well-covered by public transport of Rome, close to many attractions. The efficiency of public transport will let you reach both close and not-so-close-by key places, giving...
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80.30 €
  • Hotel San Silvestro, Rome
Hotel San Silvestro
Via del Gambero, 3, Rome  - Trevi Fountain  - distance from Rome 0.84 Km (show the map)
Welcome to Hotel San Silvestro, a friendly hotel situated in the heart of the historic center. In a few minutes on foot, you will discover some of the main sights of historical, artistic and cultural heritage; start your journey from the closest...
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80.00 €
  • Hotel Sant'Angelo, Rome
Hotel Sant'Angelo
Via M. Dionigi, 16, Rome  - Vatican City  - distance from Rome 1.41 Km (show the map)
Hotel Sant'Angelo is a 3-star hotel set between the Spanish Steps and the Vatican City right in the city center and within a walk's distance from the main attractions of Rome, such as the Ara Pacis, Piazza Navona, the Trevi Fountain, Via del...
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79.00 €
  • Hotel Sistina, Rome
Hotel Sistina
Via Sistina, 136, Rome  - Trevi Fountain  - distance from Rome 1.03 Km (show the map)
We are pleased to welcome you to Hotel Sistina, an elegant 4-star hotel located in the historic center of Rome, in between Piazza Barberini and Piazza di Spagna. The hotel is housed in a recently renovated ancient building and it has 26...
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120.00 €
  • Hotel Valle, Rome
Hotel Valle
Via Cavour, 134, Rome  - Monti  - distance from Rome 1.10 Km (show the map)

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90.00 €
  • Hotel Atlante Star, Rome
Hotel Atlante Star
Via Vitelleschi, 34, Rome  - Vatican City  - distance from Rome 1.96 Km (show the map)
The view from the terrace of Hotel Atlante Star is magical and unforgettable. It's an elegant 4 star hotel set in the heart of Rome in an area that keeps the oldest treasures of the eternal city like Castel Sant'Angelo, Piazza Navona and the...
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183.00 €
  • Hotel Mozart, Rome
Hotel Mozart
Via dei Greci, 23/B, Rome  - Piazza di Spagna  - distance from Rome 1.38 Km (show the map)
4-star Hotel Mozart could be your ideal accommodation in the historical center of Rome, in a luxurious and refined atmosphere that will guarantee the utmost discretion and comfort. The hotel stands between Piazza di Spagna and Via Condotti, in an...
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198.00 €
  • Hotel Regina Margherita, Rome
Hotel Regina Margherita
Via Bari, 3, Rome  - distance from Rome 3.08 Km (show the map)

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  • Hotel Lussemburgo, Rome
Hotel Lussemburgo
Via Bixio, 70, Rome  - Esquilino  - distance from Rome 2.14 Km (show the map)
Hotel Lussemburgo is a 2-star hotel in the heart of Rome, a few hundred meters from the Manzoni metro stop and a kilometer away from the train station Roma-Termini, hub of several local bus lines. Hotel Luxembourg offers its kind guests 9 rooms:...
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54.00 €
  • Hotel Sheraton Golf Parco De' Medici Hotel & Resort, Rome
Hotel Sheraton Golf Parco De' Medici Hotel & Resort
Viale Salvatore Rebecchini, 39, Rome  - EUR  - distance from Rome 10.59 Km (show the map)
The Sheraton Golf Parco De' Medici Hotel & Resort is a very beautiful four-star hotel surrounded by a lovely lush green 27-hole golf course, only 10-minute drive away from Rome Fiumicino Airport. This elegant hotel also features an outdoor...
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110.00 €
  • Hotel Pinewood Rome, Rome
Hotel Pinewood Rome
Via della Pineta Sacchetti, 43, Rome  - Aurelio  - distance from Rome 5.05 Km (show the map)
Upon entering Hotel Pinewood Rome, you will be delighted by the elegant lobby, leading to the reception managed by a very courteous and helpful miltilingual staff. The 80 rooms- available in single, double, triple, quadruple and suites- are...
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74.80 €
  • Hotel Capannelle, Rome
Hotel Capannelle
Via Siderno, 37, Rome  - Tuscolano  - distance from Rome 9.01 Km (show the map)
Are you looking for an elegant hotel, located in a quiet and not too busy area of Rome? Hotel Domina & Conference Le Capannelle has what you want and much more! Ideal for business travels, but also recommended for leisure holidays, Hotel Le...
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  • Hotel Trevi, Rome
Hotel Trevi
Vicolo del Babuccio, 20/21, Rome  - Trevi Fountain  - distance from Rome 0.56 Km (show the map)
Only 50 meters away from the famous fountain with the same name, Trevi Hotel features an outstanding location and offers its guests a comfortable and refined lodging. In a few minutes on foot, you can admire the beautiful patriarchal basilica of...
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72.68 €
  • Hotel Castle, Rome
Hotel Castle
Salita Di Castel Giubileo, 196, Rome  - Salario  - distance from Rome 10.76 Km (show the map)
A holiday in one of the best cities in the world, nestled in a peaceful and green area is not an impossible dream, but rather is what you can have at Hotel Castle. In addition to an excellent quality-price ratio, this hotel provides its kind...
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70.00 €

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