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Milan, Italy
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Hotels in Milan

405 Hotels founded Milan
  • Hotel Delle Nazioni, Milan
Hotel Delle Nazioni   we highly recommend this hotel
Via Alfredo Cappellini 18, Milan  - Milano Centrale railway station  - distance from Milan 2.26 Km (show the map)

Hotel Delle Nazioni is located in Via Cappellini 18 Milan, close to the railway station Milano Centrale, one of the main points of arrival in the city, airport bus terminal. The central location allows easy access to major districts in Milan....
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  • Hotel Armani Milano, Milan
Hotel Armani Milano   we highly recommend this hotel
Via Manzoni 31, Milan  - Historical center  - distance from Milan 0.85 Km (show the map)
It is an elegant combination of luxury, innovation, hospitality and relax: Hotel Armani Milano is a 5 star hotel, one of the favorites in Milan. This hotel is ideal for a business or leisure trip, a place where you can spend a dream holiday, with...
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643.50 €
  • Hotel Una Hotel Cusani, Milan
Hotel Una Hotel Cusani   we highly recommend this hotel
Via Cusani 13, Milan  - Historical center  - distance from Milan 0.67 Km (show the map)
Una Hotel Cusani is a four-star hotel that belongs to the Una Hotel chain. It is located in the heart of Milan, in front of the Castello Sforzesco, but also a short walk from the Duomo, La Scala opera house, Palazzo Marino and Via Montenapoleone....
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354.00 €
  • Hotel Best Western Atlantic , Milan
Hotel Best Western Atlantic   we highly recommend this hotel
Via Napo Torriani 24, Milan  - Milano Centrale railway station  - distance from Milan 2.47 Km (show the map)
Hotel Atlantic Quality is an elegant hotel located in no.24 Napo Torriani Street, in the Centrale railway station area, which has several restaurants and lounge bars in it. In the hotel's premises there are numerous means public transport, it will...
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  • Hotel Marconi, Milan
Hotel Marconi   we highly recommend this hotel
Via Fabio Filzi 3, Milan  - Milano Centrale railway station  - distance from Milan 2.22 Km (show the map)
Marconi Hotel is located in no.3 Fabio Filzi Street, in Milan near the Centrale Train Station. The hotel is within walking distance from the financial heart of the city. Its position allows you to easily go on foot to other areas of interest such...
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  • Hotel Spadari Al Duomo, Milan
Hotel Spadari Al Duomo   we highly recommend this hotel
Via Spadari 11, Milan  - Historical center  - distance from Milan 0.10 Km (show the map)
Hotel Spadari in Duomo is a beautiful 4 star hotel with a vibrant setting, just a short walk from the Duomo square. The combination of art works by local artists is a feature of the hotel, carefully selected to suit all tastes. The fireplace in...
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  • Hotel Grand Visconti Palace, Milan
Hotel Grand Visconti Palace   we highly recommend this hotel
Viale Isonzo 14, Milan  - Porta Romana  - distance from Milan 2.35 Km (show the map)
Grand Visconti Palace is a luxurious four-star hotel located in no.14 Isonzo street, close to Lodi square. Nearby is the station of the yellow metro line, which will allow easy access to different areas of the city, especially to reach the...
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178.00 €
  • Hotel Portello by Convention Centre - Gruppo MiniHotel, Milan
Hotel Portello by Convention Centre - Gruppo MiniHotel   we highly recommend this hotel
Via G. Silva 12, Milan  - Fiera Milano City, FieraMilanoCity  - distance from Milan 3.55 Km (show the map)
Portello Hotel belongs to the Minihotels chain. It is situated at no.12 Silva Street, behind the Fiera Milano City. In just a few minutes away is the famous Corso Vercelli, one of the symbols of Milanese shopping. Not far from Corso Magenta is one...
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81.00 €
  • Hotel Palazzo Segreti, Milan
Hotel Palazzo Segreti   we highly recommend this hotel
Via San Tomaso 8, Milan  - Historical center  - distance from Milan 0.50 Km (show the map)
Palazzo Segreti hotel is in no.8 San Tomaso Street in Milan, in the historic city center, located within a two-minute walk from the famous Duomo Cathedral. Its central location allows its guests to reach the various and numerous tourist...
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450.00 €
  • Hotel Acca Palace, Milan
Hotel Acca Palace   we highly recommend this hotel
Via Giovanni Nicotera 9, Milan  - Niguarda Ca' Granda Hospital  - distance from Milan 5.31 Km (show the map)
Acca Hotel Palace is located at #9 Giovanni Nicotera street, near the Niguarda hospital in Milan. It is easy to reach several main roads of the city, including the A4 motorway and the North bypass from the hotel. Various means of public...
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161.60 €
  • Hotel Camperio & Apartments, Milan
Hotel Camperio & Apartments   we highly recommend this hotel
Via Camperio 9, Milan  - Historical center  - distance from Milan 0.53 Km (show the map)
Camperio Town House Suite & Apartments is located at #9 Camperio Street in Milan, in the historic city center, close to the Duomo, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Teatro alla Scala and more. The nearby fashion district, headed by the prestigious...
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  • Hotel Idea Hotel Milano Bicocca, Milan
Hotel Idea Hotel Milano Bicocca   we highly recommend this hotel
Via della Giustizia 10/D, Milan  - Greco  - distance from Milan 4.17 Km (show the map)
Idea Hotel Milan Bicocca is located at no.10 Via Della Giustizia, near Greco area, Milan. It is not exactly located in the center, but it allows all guests who need to travel by car to easily reach the hinterland, especially the north-east areas....
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79.00 €
  • Hotel Cervo, Milan
Hotel Cervo   we highly recommend this hotel
Piazzale Principessa Clotilde 10, Milan  - Fatebenefratelli Hospital  - distance from Milan 1.88 Km (show the map)
Hotel Cervo is located in the business district of Milan, opposite Fatebenefratelli Hospital and the Ophthalmic Hospital of Milan, within a few meters from Corso Como where you can find the most famous discos and nightclubs of the city. The famous...
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  • Hotel Park Hyatt Milano, Milan
Hotel Park Hyatt Milano   we highly recommend this hotel
Via Tommaso Grossi 1, Milan  - Historical center  - distance from Milan 0.25 Km (show the map)
It is one of the most famous hotels in Milan, which can provide its clients with services and luxurious amenities within a warm and welcoming atmosphere: welcome to the Hotel Park Hyatt Milan. The most important feature of the Park Hyatt...
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  • Hotel Manin, Milan
Hotel Manin   we highly recommend this hotel
Via Manin 7, Milan  - Palestro  - distance from Milan 1.30 Km (show the map)
The Golden Tulip Hotel Manin is located near the Piazza Duomo and La Scala Opera House, opposite the gardens of Palestro and Via Manzoni leading to Via Della Spiga and Via Montenapoleone. The location provides convenient access to the Brera and...
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  • Hotel Ramada Plaza Milano, Milan
Hotel Ramada Plaza Milano   we highly recommend this hotel
Via Stamira D'Ancona 27, Milan  - Lambro Park  - distance from Milan 5.25 Km (show the map)
Ramada Plaza Hotel is located in Milan, at no.27 Stamira D'Ancona Street, near the Turro area. The location provides easy access to major roads in the north-east, including the nearby eastern highway and the A4 expressway. The area is surrounded...
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174.25 €
  • Hotel Lloyd, Milan
Hotel Lloyd   we highly recommend this hotel
Corso di Porta Romana 48, Milan  - University of Milan  - distance from Milan 0.71 Km (show the map)
Milan's Lloyd Hotel is a four-star hotel located in Corso di Porta Romana, which brings to Piazza Duomo in a few minutes. It is in the same neighborhood as University of Milan, Mangiagalli Polyclinic Hospital and Gaetano Pini Orthopaedic. The...
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180.00 €
  • Hotel Vittoria, Milan
Hotel Vittoria   we highly recommend this hotel
Via Pietro Calvi 32, Milan  - Porta Vittoria  - distance from Milan 1.72 Km (show the map)
Hotel Vittoria is a charming 4 star hotel located in a quiet street in the center of Milan. Minutes from the Court of Milan and the old town, Hotel Vittoria allows speedy access to both the Duomo and the airport of Milan Linate. The cozy...
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130.00 €
  • Hotel Art Hotel Navigli, Milan
Hotel Art Hotel Navigli   we highly recommend this hotel
Via Angelo Fumagalli 4, Milan  - Navigli  - distance from Milan 2.08 Km (show the map)
Art Hotel Navigli is a beautiful four star hotel located along the Navigli Grande, no.4 Fumagalli Street in Milan. It is one of the most beautiful areas in the city. It offers many attractions and numerous entertainment venues as well as bars and...
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175.00 €
  • Hotel Oasi Village Hotel & Resort, Milan
Hotel Oasi Village Hotel & Resort   we highly recommend this hotel
Viale Lombardia 20, Milan  - Polytechnic University of Milan  - distance from Milan 3.48 Km (show the map)
The Oasi Village Hotel & Resort is a 3-star hotel in Milan, only 200 meters from Piola station, on the green metro line. Well-served by local public transportation, the convenient location of the Oasi Village will help you reach the old town and...
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109.48 €

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