Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria: sun and sea all year round

We are in the archipelago of Canary and precisely on the south-west coast of the island of Gran Canaria, a fascinating land of volcanic origins marked by steep rock formations that slope down the coast, flanked by a thick, subtropical vegetation. In such natural scenery, we will find ample sand beaches bathed by the clear blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean, small villages formerly inhabited by fishermen and larger centers equipped to accommodate tourists fo all kinds. Among these resort, which already have become much loved famous travel destinations, is Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria, a marine resort perfect for your holidays of sea, sun and relaxation at any time of the year. In fact, the weather is always nice and consistent (the average temperature, even in winter, comes around 20°C to 25°C), precipitations are rather scarse, the beaches are wide and organized and the wide selection of hotels in Puerto Rico de Gran Canariaoffers everything that you need for a pleasant and comfortable stay, alone or with company. In fact, if you decide to come accompanied, whether by friends or your family, Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria will not disappoint you.

Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria

Gran Canarias playas de Puerto Rico. Photo by targarina (Flickr)

Here you will find a sunny sandy beach served by bathing establishments that, apart from sun beds and parasols for your relaxation and sunbathing, arrange activities for your free time and equipment for water sports (including boat trips, windsurfing and scuba diving). Then in the evening, before returning to your chosen cozy lodge, it would be nice to walk along the promenade, browsing shops and stopping by one of the many outdoor bars to sip a tropical drink and plan the next day, perhaphs organizing an out of town trip, have fun at the nearest aquapark or simply stroll through countless boutiques in the commercial area.

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