La Maddalena, the park keeping a paradise

The Sardinian archipelago of La Maddalena is located in the province of Olbia Tempio and it consists of 4 beautiful islands: Caprera, Spargi, Budelli, Santa Maria, Santo Stefano and Razzoli and some smaller islands including Mortorio, Nibano and Barrettini.

La Maddalena Archipelago

Map of La Maddalena Archipelago

Accessible in just 15 minutes through ferry boats from Palau, La Maddalena is part of the Arcipelago di La Maddalena National Park, a large protected area (land and sea) of national importance, which has among its many advantages large pristine coastlines and the famous tafoni, which are granite rocks with very special and peculiar shapes.

The enchanting beaches of La Maddalena, among which Tegge, Cala d’Inferno, Cala Francese and Costone, Spalmatore and Testa del Polpo are worth a visit, quite numerous and they offer visitors spectacular sceneries. The stunning panoramas that can be viewed in La Maddalena fill the eyes and hearts of countless tourists and from this paradise on earth (impeccably supplied with tourist facilities) wouldn’t leave anymore. Many hotels in La Maddalena are open all year, as during winter the island has a special charm. During warm season (which begins in spring and ends early autumn, a time when to book a hotel is best done in advance) it offers a remarkable underwater show and the opportunity and privilege to enjoy the warm rays of the sun which give a fabulous golden tan reflecting on the grains of sand with a beautiful pink color.

Occupied since Neolithic times, the archipelago of La Maddalena, located between Sardinia and Corsica, has a dam bridge accessible by car, linking La Maddalena with the island-natural reserve of Caprera, where Garibaldi spent the last period of his life and where you can visit his house (“the famous white house”) turned into a museum and his tomb. Caprera enchants with its territory’s natural environment, rich in beautiful beaches and bays, lush vegetation and a flourishing fauna of rare species.

Archipelago La Maddalena

Archipelago La Maddalena

Visitors of La Maddalena can then easily visit, through tourist boats, even smaller islands Spargi, Razzoli, Budelli, Santo Stefano and Santa Maria which also offer paradisiacal landscapes surrounded by golden beaches and crystal clear waters. Even the village of La Maddalena offers attractions such as the waterfront, where you can stroll and admire buildings of the 19th century. The church of Santa Maria Maddalena is also notworthy (located in the main street, via Garibaldi), which holds a silver crucifix and a letter of Admiral Nelson. A tour of the historic center (where you’ll be able to find accommodation to stay in La Maddalena) will help you understand the town’s origins through the buildings and alleys until you reach the upper part of town, the former fort of Sant’ Andrea (used as a prison until recently) which is built on a huge granite rock.

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