Corralejo: holiday amid sea and dunes

In the north of the island of Fuerteventura, in the Canary archipelago, we will find Corralejo, a lovely seaside town known for its beaches, its spectacular natural landscapes and its commercial and tourist port that connect Fuerteventura with the other nearby islands- Lobos and Lanzarote.

Corralejo, dunes

Corralejo, the sand dunes

The latter can be reached easily via a regular service of boats that leave right from Corralejo. Near the mole of the old port, it is easy to find fishermen who have intentions of launching their fishing rods or finding vessels returned laden with fresh fish. Although it has been keeping its original marine vocation, Corralejo is now also famous for being one of the most visited towns of the island, also thanks to the presence of shops and bars that turned it into a worldly and amusing travel destination. The presence of disco-bars, clubs and pubs add up to that of the useful services during a holiday, including a good selection of hotels in Corralejo and several proposals for sports and leisure that most of all refer to excursions in the inlands and the activities to be done at sea like surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing.. At the port of Corralejo, it is then possible to rent a boat or choose one of the boats that tour around via sea and connections with neighboring isands. Those who prefer to spend a holiday in Corralejo in total tranquility, with only the opportunity to do relaxing and easy activities, can spend pleasant days of sun and sea, in many sandy beaches that fill the area, usually well-equipped and organized for accommodation and then experience sensational excursions on foot (those who are lazy may also enjoy travelling on board a quad) in the natural park of Corralejo, particularly fascinating for the presence of its ample stretches of sand dunes that strongly remind those of the desert.

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