A summer in Teulada, the wild heart of Costa del Sud

It embraces mountains covered by dense Mediterranean vegetation, vast beaches with sugar-like fine and white sands bathed by crystal clear water: welcome to Teulada!

Porto Scudo tower

Porto Scudo tower

Teulada is a small town in southern Sardinia, the wild heart of the Southern Coast, particular because of its spectacular views and for the integrity of its natural environments, whether in the surrounding hills which summarize and complete the characteristics of the Sulcis hinterland, or the coastal area, always charming and captivating. As in other areas of Sardinia, military constructions have occupied parts of the coast, where pristine white sand beaches seem to portray Sardinia’s beaches in the early 20th century, a show that unfortunately can’t be enjoyed due to strict military restrictions that prohibit access.

Cape Teulada

Cape Teulada

Fortunately, there are many beautiful beaches in the area, already visible in the path leading from the Sardinian capital up to the countryside. Once on the S.S. 195 road, it will take about 45 minutes drive to Teulada and majestic and unforgettable views will appear before your eyes during the trip: Chia, Capo Spartivento, Perda Longa and Tuerredda, one after another in an exhilarating show.

Once in Teulada, you will immediately have the chance to see the history that this town still bears: the Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and the Church of Saint Francis are important architectural exemplaries of the 17th century and the oldest evidence of the new Teulada. In fact, it appears that the first site of Teulada, formerly called Tegula, dates back to Roman times and is located in the isthmus connecting Cape Teulada to mainland, right in areas subject to military constraints. But the area was abandoned in the beginning of the Middle Ages due to continuous incursions and raids that led to the rebirth of a new residential settlement in the ​​Saint Isidore area, where you can see even today a 16th-century tower and the chapel of Saint Isidore.

In the 17th century, the feudal lord’s decision to transfer the residents to the mainland gave birth to modern Teulada, where B&B’s and different lodging facilities provide efficient hospitality along with others like bars, cafes, supermarkets and restaurants where, of course, impeccably delicious dishes made of fresh fish are served.

Then from July to September, you will experience a long series of captivating events, festivals and shows: “Puppets in Piazza” the festival of the Farmer and Fisherman, the “Su Sonadori” festival, many concerts and plays liven your unforgettable summer nights.

In the event of the new summer season, now at the door, some convenient hotels in Teulada, the wild heart of Costa del Sud, have been selected for you.

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