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Bed and Breakfasts near Bocconi University Milan

49 Hotels founded Bocconi University
  • Bed and Breakfast Navigli, Milan
Bed and Breakfast Navigli
Via Gentilino, 7, Milan  - Navigli  - distance from Bocconi University 0.71 Km (show the map)
The Navigli Bed & Breakfast is located at #7 Gentilino Street, near the Porta Ticinese and the Navigli area, one of the most beautiful and lively neighborhoods of Milan. In the area, you will find many ethnic restaurants and pubs of every kind,...
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  • Bed and Breakfast Lamarmora18, Milan
Bed and Breakfast Lamarmora18
Via Alfonso Lamarmora, 18, Milan  - Historical center  - distance from Bocconi University 1.13 Km (show the map)

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  • Bed and Breakfast My Bed, Milan
Bed and Breakfast My Bed
Corso Di Porta Ticinese, 24, Milan  - Historical center  - distance from Bocconi University 1.30 Km (show the map)

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  • Bed and Breakfast Bed & Bed Milano, Milan
Bed and Breakfast Bed & Bed Milano
Via Giuseppe Ripamonti, 126, Milan  - Corvetto  - distance from Bocconi University 1.33 Km (show the map)
Bed & Bed Bed and Breakfast is located at #126 Giuseppe Ripamonti Street, near Corvetto, Milan. The position allows easy transportation within the urban south-east and quickly reach the rural area, thanks to the nearby East bypass, from where it...
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  • Bed and Breakfast Milan B&B, Milan
Bed and Breakfast Milan B&B
Via Torino, 51, Milan  - Historical center  - distance from Bocconi University 1.46 Km (show the map)
Are you looking for accommodation near the city center at an affordable price in Milan? The B & B Milan is the solution for you because it is located in the heart of the city, a few meters from the imposing Cathedral and it offers excellent...
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  • Bed and Breakfast Ripa Del Naviglio, Milan
Bed and Breakfast Ripa Del Naviglio
Ripa Di Porta Ticinese, 71, Milan  - Navigli  - distance from Bocconi University 1.64 Km (show the map)

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  • Bed and Breakfast Helios Room, Milan
Bed and Breakfast Helios Room
Piazza 5 Giornate, Milan  - Porta Vittoria  - distance from Bocconi University 2.07 Km (show the map)
Helios Room Bed and Breakfast in Milan is located by the Cinque Giornate Square, near Porta Vittoria. The position allows you to quickly reach the East tangential and the Linate Airport. This B&B is near the city center, in correspondence with to...
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  • Bed and Breakfast Locanda Duomo, Milan
Bed and Breakfast Locanda Duomo
Via Broletto, 31, Milan  - Historical center  - distance from Bocconi University 2.20 Km (show the map)

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250.00 €
  • Bed and Breakfast Sofytel Hostel, Milan
Bed and Breakfast Sofytel Hostel
Via Pietro Calvi, 18, Milan  - Porta Vittoria  - distance from Bocconi University 2.38 Km (show the map)

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  • Bed and Breakfast La Corte De Milan, Milan
Bed and Breakfast La Corte De Milan
Via Lazzaro Spallanzani, 6, Milan  - Milano Centrale railway station  - distance from Bocconi University 3.25 Km (show the map)
La Corte de Milan is an accomodating hotel in the heart of the city, near Piazza San Babila and the sparkling shopping streets which include, not only the luxurious boutiques of Via Montenapoleone and Via della Spiga, but also reasonably priced...
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  • Bed and Breakfast Milano Bella, Milan
Bed and Breakfast Milano Bella
Via Spallanzani, 16, Milan  - Milano Centrale railway station  - distance from Bocconi University 3.34 Km (show the map)

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  • Bed and Breakfast Casa Calicantus, Milan
Bed and Breakfast Casa Calicantus
Via Niccolò Machiavelli, 8, Milan  - Fiera Milano City, FieraMilanoCity  - distance from Bocconi University 3.37 Km (show the map)
Set in the historical center of Milan, near the Duomo, is Hotel Vecchia Milano- a functional and elegant 3 star hotel. The facility has 27 rooms available in double, twin and triple, all equipped with private bathroom with shower and hairdryer,...
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  • Bed and Breakfast Bed&Café, Milan
Bed and Breakfast Bed&Café
Via Sardegna, 34, Milan  - Fiera Milano City, FieraMilanoCity  - distance from Bocconi University 3.40 Km (show the map)

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  • Bed and Breakfast Hostel Mr. Mido, Milan
Bed and Breakfast Hostel Mr. Mido
Via Carlo Goldoni, 84, Milan  - Città Studi  - distance from Bocconi University 3.41 Km (show the map)
If you want to spend a nice holiday in Milan, a short distance from the center in a structure can offer excellent value for money, Hostel Mr. Mido is the solution to stay that suits your needs. Well connected to various areas of the city thanks to...
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  • Bed and Breakfast Room4You, Milan
Bed and Breakfast Room4You
Via Eustachi, 4, Milan  - Porta Venezia  - distance from Bocconi University 3.43 Km (show the map)
Room4You Bed & Breakfast is located at #4 Eustachi Street, by Porta Venezia area in Milan. There are several places of interest nearby, like the Hydro Montanelli Public Gardens and the Museum of Natural Science. You will also find one of the most...
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84.00 €
  • Bed and Breakfast Bella Vita Guest House, Milan
Bed and Breakfast Bella Vita Guest House
Via Michele Faraday, 32, Milan  - Navigli  - distance from Bocconi University 3.51 Km (show the map)

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  • Bed and Breakfast La Stanza Di Mita, Milan
Bed and Breakfast La Stanza Di Mita
Via Michelangelo Buonarroti, 38, Milan  - Fiera Milano City, FieraMilanoCity  - distance from Bocconi University 3.68 Km (show the map)
With a view of the roofs of an elegant district in Milan, the Stanza di Mita is a lodging facility with Bed and Breakfast, near Fiera Milano City and not far from the fairgrounds of Rho Pero. The hotel provides its guests 1 room with...
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  • Bed and Breakfast Home BB Milano, Milan
Bed and Breakfast Home BB Milano
Via Lorenteggio, 141, Milan  - Lorenteggio  - distance from Bocconi University 3.84 Km (show the map)

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  • Bed and Breakfast The Luxury Milano, Milan
Bed and Breakfast The Luxury Milano
Via Plinio, 3, Milan  - Milano Centrale railway station  - distance from Bocconi University 3.89 Km (show the map)
A comfortable and elegant haven for a pleasant holiday in Milan, The Luxury Milano Bed and Breakfast is set in the commercial and business hub of the city, near major tourist attractions and a few meters from the local public transport. In fact,...
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  • Bed and Breakfast Lepetit Milano, Milan
Bed and Breakfast Lepetit Milano
Via Lepetit, 31, Milan  - Milano Centrale railway station  - distance from Bocconi University 4.15 Km (show the map)
At only 200 meters from Milan central station, an elegant and cozy accommodation is located: welcome to Lepetit Milano. Hospitality in an amazing Art Nouveau palace, the Lepetit has a courteous and professional staff who will provide each guest...
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130.00 €

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